New: Molytester XS

Ironhaven developed a very powerfull however simple way of identifying your stainless steels within seconds. The MolyTester XS. It has been developed to sort SS 304 from SS 316. With a magnet you can also sort the ferrites, the duplex stainlesses and the austenites one from the other.

See video at: stainless steels/molytester

MolyTester XS Video

Non intrusive monitoring by FerrX Norway

Ironhaven started a co-operation with FerrX in Trondheim (NO). FerrX develops methods for non intrusive monitoring using the 'Electrical Resistance' technology. This method for example is used for pipelines, well heads, vessels and risers. It can detect cracking and stresses that lead to fatigue as well as corrosion. On the picture: Monitoring of the neutral temperature of a rail section. The neutral temperature is the temperature where no (external) stresses, caused by compression or expansion, are present. It is used by railway companies for making models that predict where and when fatigue cracks will occur.

Combined probe Electrical Resistance + Electrochemical

Combined ER, electrochemical and coupon in one probe.

The Ironhaven Handbook Corrosion Monitoring shows you all details and specifications.

Corrosion Monitoring Handbook

Protection of Seawater Liftpump Caissons

Severe galvanic corrosion of seawater liftpumps is a problem for many years, corrosion rates higher than 10 mm/year have been recorded.
Ironhaven developed an easy but very effective way to protect the caisson over the full length. Sacrificial anodes are used and they control themselves on the ideal protection potential. Excellent corrosion protection and no over protection causing hydrogen embrittlement.

Technical paper caisson protection.

Paper caisson protection