Elimination of galvanic corrosion

Ironhaven anodes are controlled by electronic components, are self operating and can be switched to zero-resistance. The robustness and liftetime of Ironhaven anodes is similar to that of any other sacrificial anode. No cables, no power supply and no batteries. The anodes themselves function as 'seawater battery'.

Applications for seawater liftpumps and other complex submerged systems

Ironhaven bv is expert at preventing corrosion and other damage in submerged systems. Problems are forestalled by maintaining the ideal set protection potential.

Due to galvanic corrosion, caused by the noble pump and riser, caissons can show leakages within 2 years time. Especially for FPSO's, repair costs are tremendous.
Installing anodes only above and below the pump does not help for the pump intake region. Ironhaven hangs anodes in the narrow annulus.

Publications on this subject can be downloaded below:

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