For stainless steel identification within seconds

Ironhaven developed the first MolyTester in 1989. Since, thousands of instruments have been sold worldwide. Now we come with a very effective however simple model: "The Molytester XS". It's just a battery that allows to send a current through a drip of indicator fluid. The drip will color red if the alloy is SS 316 and it will remain colorless if the alloy is SS 304. The Molytester XS comes with the following:
- 9 Volt Battery with 2 electrodes.
- Indicator fluid for 200 measurements.
- A battery tester.
- A magnet for identification of ferrites and duplex SS.
- This all packed in a suitcase.

The price is: EURO 395,- excluded VAT. The price of a bottle indicator fluid is: EURO 93,80 excluded VAT.

MolyTester XS Manual